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ایران ، اصفهان خيابان خيام، كوي نهر فرشادي 23 مجتمع آموزشي ابابصير

the most important professional and social work services

Providing the professional social work services to the clients and their families in order to have a great and effective social interaction as well as making them able to reach the best physical and spiritual growth and self-satisfaction by using their abilities and the internal and external capacity. They will be able to keep their daily life independently by having more efficiency. The Main services which have been provided by this unit are as following:

  1. Providing and distributing the foodstuff.
  2.  Registering the client’s information and their background in the institute database.
  3. Providing the pharmaceutical and medical costs.
  4. Counseling and following their treatment.
  5. Paying the Interest and free lone to the clients.
  6. Preparing and giving dowry to the poor female clients.
  7. Providing the educational supplementary related to blind people like voice recorder, auditory books, braille paper, and perkins.
  8. Providing the required furniture like refrigerator, carpet, heater, and kitchen ware.
  9. Having relationship with charitable organizations, offices and clinics in order to solve the clients` problems.
  10. Receiving the application, identification to be put under the protection, and visiting the client’s house.