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ایران ، اصفهان خيابان خيام، كوي نهر فرشادي 23 مجتمع آموزشي ابابصير

 The institution is activated in the area of creating job opportunity to respect the human dignity of client and try to prepare the required condition and facilities for finding a job. Therefore, it is necessary for the institution to have effort in line with creating job in the area of research education, and collecting people and charity givers helps for clients.   

The repertoire of the institute activities in line with creating job opportunity

Holding different meetings with welfare organization related respondents in the occupation area with the aim of mutual cooperation so that, clients can use their facilities.

Taking part in the seasonal displays for occupation and selling the client’s products.

Holding different occupation workshop together with entrepreneurs and clients.

Holding the carpet and rug weaving, and crochet’s classes tailored for the female clients under the supervision of experts.

Giving loan and financial supports to the potential plans with the practical job opportunities.

Marketing for the client’s products.

The list of activities that are planning now and are going to be implemented are as

Analyzing the occupational status of all clients also their specialties and professions.

Planning and performing the technical teachings tailored for the high school students.

Finding talents and educational guide considering their future occupation.

Identifying the centers that blind people are working there in order to understand the job issues and the relationship between the entrepreneurs and client to improve it also if it is possible, the number of clients would be increased in these centers.

Producing a documentary film about the occupied clients to represent their capabilities.

Presenting the cultural teachings to increase the client’s responsibility to the job to keep their own human dignity and receive supports instead of facing the people compassion.

Visiting the client’s job place in line with improving and providing facilities so that, they become comfortable for their commuting and creating direction finding signs.

Identifying the existence facilities in public and charity centers of Isfahan to help the client’s occupation.

Having relationship with parliament representatives in order to receive the possible helps.

 Wide-spreading the trend of the handicapped occupation by helping the main hall and other organs’ aid.

Teaching the Kilim and carpet terms to the number of 15 Clients.

Teaching the executive marketing operator term to the number of 15 Clients.

Training the detection obstacle and movement (caning).

Holding terms of improving and concentrating on the senses.

Holding the muscular skills’ term.

Teaching and creating working groups and helping to sell the weaving and crochet’s products.

Coordinating for establishing a place in witch clients packing fruits.

Investigating and writing scientific articles in the area of blinds occupation by cooperating with academic centers in the worlds.