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ایران ، اصفهان خيابان خيام، كوي نهر فرشادي 23 مجتمع آموزشي ابابصير

Introducing the clients` capabilities and the services which have been provided by the Ababassir institution are the respondents` aims. Thus, the mentioned purposes can be achieved by holding different exhibition during the year.  

Some exhibitions have been held in the institute for people who want to visit here include: the prominent handicrafts display, book fair, and cultural supplements; and also our presence in the fairs outside the institute like Isfahan international fairs and assign pavilions to the clients in order to introduce their potentials caused far more reporting and attracting people attentions.

In such exhibitions beside introducing and presenting clients` productions, the presence of many benefactors and charity givers can be seen. Therefore, the widespread participation in such displays would be one of the present and future aim of this institute.

Some of this exhibitions are as followings:

The house jobs, the female craftsmanship, house decorative stuffs and gifts’ exhibition.

The international tourism and handicrafts exhibition.

The Quran exhibition

The exhibition for the international day of handicapped occasion.   

 Presenting in the house jobs, female craftsmanship, house decorative stuff and gifts’ exhibition in 2014.